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After one year and more than a hundred of mp3s, time is come to stop the site.


I don't have enougth time and money to fight against powers and laws.


Secret backdoor... Thank you for your visits.

Secret backdoor...


My opinion is that the initial philosophy of Internet was not to make money with the e-buisness, but to have a technical solution to exchange ideas and cultural things with the whole world. Many people in the world are not able just to have food, while big record companies make billions of dollars and treat us as thief just because we put many mp3 on the net. Music has no price. Them who are not agree with that don't really love music. Real musicians don't need big companies to make money. They just do their things, and they become legends. I like to put my favorite musics on the net as I like to talk about my favorite books or to show my favorite paintings to my friends, and that's all.

Please send me your opinion. Thanks.




Contact le_studio@libertysurf.fr


Contact le_studio@libertysurf.fr