The Four Brothers

(Marshall Munhumumwe)

(4'30, 2.07 Mo)

Extrait de l'album MAKOROKOTO (1989) avec Marshall MUNHUMUMWE (drums/vocals), Never MUTARE (bass), Aleck CHIPAIKA (guitar), Adward MATIYASI (guitar).

Voici un excellent groupe du Zimbabwé, idéal pour dancer jusqu'au bout de la nuit. A noter la mise en place rythmique des deux guitares qui donne une pêche d'enfer à l'ensemble.


" The Four Brothers, whose ranks include guitarists Edward Matigasi (lead; replaced original member Frank Simanda in 1987), and Alick Chipaika (rhythm), bassist Never Mutare, and drummer/vocalist Marshall Ticharwa Munhumumwe, were formed in 1978 as something of a breakaway band from the Great Sounds. Their first two albums, Makorokoto and Umbayi, went gold, and they received a regular gig at Harare's Saratoga Bar. By the late '80s, they were one of the country's top acts, and their appearance on a compilation from the U.K. label Stylus in 1989 brought them further exposure and success.
-- Steve Huey, All Music Guide "



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