The Chicken

( 6'47, 3.10 Mo)

Extrait de l'album THE BIRTHDAY CONCERT (1981) avec: Bass: Jaco Pastorius; Bass Clarinet, Soprano & Tenor Saxophones: Bob Mintzer; Tenor Saxophone: Michael Brecker; Baritone Saxophone: Randy Emerick; Saxophone, Woodwinds: Dan Bonsanti, Neal Bonsanti, Gary Lindsay; Trumpet: Brian O'Flaherty, Ken Faulk, Brett Murphey, Melton Mustafa; Trombone: Russ Freeland, Mike Katz; Trombone & Tuba: Dave Bargeron; Bass Trombone: Randy Emerick; French Horn: Peter Gordon, Jerry Peel, Steve Roitstein; Drums: Peter Erskine; Steel Drums: Don Alias, Othello Molineaux, Paul Hornmuller; Miscellaneous: Bobby Thomas, Jr

Album notes:

"Recorded live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1981. "

(source http://music.yahoo.com/)


"b. John Francis Pastorius, 1 December 1951, Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 12 September 1987, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Encouraged by his father, a drummer and vocalist, to pursue a career in music, Pastorius learned to play bass, drums, guitar, piano and saxophone while in his teens. As a result of a football injury to his arm, his ambitions were mainly orientated towards the drums, but he soon found work playing bass for visiting pop and soul acts. After backing the Temptations and the Supremes, he developed a cult following, and his reputation spread. In 1975, Bobby Colomby, drummer with Blood, Sweat And Tears, was impressed enough to arrange the recording of Pastorius's first album, and a year later Pat Metheny asked him to play bass on his own first album for ECM Records, additionally he worked with Joni Mitchell. However, the most important stage in Pastorius's career came in 1976: joining Weather Report to record the highly influential Heavy Weather, his astonishing technique on the fretless bass and his flamboyant behaviour on stage consolidated the band's popularity and boosted his own image to star status. He established his own band, Word Of Mouth, in 1980, and they enjoyed three years of successful tours, while Pastorius himself recorded intermittently with some of the top musicians in jazz. However, Pastorius suffered from alcoholism and manic depression. In 1987, after increasing bouts of inactivity, he suffered fatal injuries in a brawl outside the Midnight Club in his home town of Fort Lauderdale. Pastorius was one of the most influential bass players since Charles Mingus, and extended the possibilities of the electric bass as a melodic instrument in a way that has affected many bassists since. "

(source http://music.yahoo.com/)


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