Soul Vaccination

( 5'10, 2.36 Mo)

Extrait de l'album TOWER OF POWER (1973) avec: Lenny Williams (voc.), Chester Thompson (organ), Bruce Conte (guitare), Francis Rocco Prestia (basse), Brent Byars (congas, bongos), David Garibaldi (batterie), Lenny Pickett (ten. sax., flûte), Emilio Castillo (ten. sax.), Stephen Kupka (barit. sax.), Mic Gillette (tromp., tromb.), Greg Adams (tromp.).

Album notes:

Ryhtm & Blues, soul et funky PURE STYLE.


" Formed in 1967 in Oakland, California, USA, this durable group - Rufus Miller (vocals), Greg Adams (trumpet), Emilio 'Mimi' Castillo (b. Detroit, Michigan; saxophone), Steve Kupka (saxophone), Lenny Pickett (saxophone), Mic Gillette (horns), Willie Fulton (guitar), Francis Prestia (bass), Brent Byer (percussion) and David Garibaldi (drums) - was originally known as the Motowns/Motown Soul Band. One of several Bay Area outfits preferring soul to its prevalent acid-rock sound, Tower Of Power's debut album, East Bay Grease, followed several popular appearances at San Francisco's Fillmore auditorium. Having now signed to the Warner Brothers Records label, the group's next two albums, Bump City and Tower Of Power, produced a hit single each in 'You're Still A Young Man' and 'So Very Hard To Go', but their progress was hampered by a recurring vocalist problem. Miller was replaced firstly by Rick Stevens and then Lenny Williams (b. 1945, San Francisco, California, USA), while the rhythm section also proved unstable. Curiously, the horn section stayed intact and was much in demand for session work, a factor that doubtlessly kept the parent group intact despite dwindling commercial fortunes. 'Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)' (1974) was the group's last US Top 30 single, but although they switched to Columbia in 1976, the Power returned to Warners after three lacklustre albums. Still bedevilled by personnel changes, recordings under their own name are now infrequent, but the brass players remain part of the west coast backroom circle for their work with, among others, Huey Lewis and Phil Collins. "



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